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GreeneHouse Publishing Agency

How God Birthed A Publishing Agency Purposed To Expand The Kingdom

The Rev. Dr. Cecelia GreeneBarr | Kingdom Expansion Strategist


The Life Story of
GreeneHouse Publishing Agency

GreeneHouse Publishing Agency was birthed in 2007 as a result of one woman being obedient to the voice of God, and no, I’m not talking about me. 

I received a phone call one day from a woman who said, “God told me to sow into you”. Now, talk about an unexpected blessing! The Lord had not told her exactly what her seed should be and neither had the Lord forewarned me to expect a blessing. She asked me if I was working on any projects and my answer was “No”. She then asked me if there was anything I had been praying about or wanted to do and I casually said, 

“Well, yes”. 

I had been frustrated by unfruitful attempts to have my dissertation turned into a book. Even though I had already been a contributing author with traditional publishing houses none of them would even consider my project. For months I was stuck between God’s instruction to publish the work and not being able to find a publishing company to fulfill the assignment. After I explained the situation she immediately said, “I can do this for you!” 

My reaction may surprise you but I wasn’t particularly excited because the moment she announced the scope of her seed, Holy Spirit then told me I would furthermore become a publisher myself for other Believers. That was the part that overwhelmed me. This faithful servant of the Lord, not only designed my book cover and interior but she also created my marketing assets and walked me through the process of starting GreeneHouse. With the guidance and wisdom of my CPA and the skillful obedience of the Lord’s servant, I had become a Christian publisher. 

Our original name was GreeneHouse LLC and under the umbrella of this company books were published, a television broadcast was produced and online broadcasts carried the name of the Lord. In March 2021 God spoke a prophetic announcement to me that He was “re-birthing” my business. God was specific, the business would be “re-birthed” and not relaunched. 

The “re-birthing” was necessary because I had neglected to fully embrace the original mandate when God gave me this company. I did everything except publish works by other authors. In addition to announcing the “re-birthing,” God also showed me in a vision that I would have a new company of people working with me. At the time God didn’t give me the understanding of an agency, but soon thereafter the fullness of God’s plan was made clear. 

In the first quarter of 2022, our family relocated to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and with this move came the renaming of the company. We became GreeneHouse Publishing Agency and between March 2021 and June 2022 God has also added “the company” of people to my life and business just as He showed me in the vision. We are GreeneHouse Publishing Agency, an exclusive publishing company set apart to ascribe glory to our God, the King of Kings!

With three decades of ministry experience, prophetic anointing, and apostolic leadership mandate from the Lord, I am here to dig deep with the authors we serve.

Modeling the Kingdom of God,

Rev. Dr. Cecelia E. GreeneBarr, Kingdom Expansion Strategist

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