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GreeneHouse Publishing Agence

We show how prosperous businesses are honorable in the eyes of the Lord, by publishing the testimony of role models that exist today.

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Why Work With Us

Working with GreeneHouse Publishing Agency vs other Publishers

Our Founder and Visionary leader: Rev. Dr. Cecelia E. GreeneBarr established this company in obedience to the instructions she received from the Lord, based on Deuteronomy 32:3 to ascribe greatness to our God! We believe our publishing work is both an intimate and divine responsibility to steward your words and experience. 

Frankly, technology has made it possible that anyone with a computer, time, and interest can publish their own book without the work of a publishing company. We know we don’t exist because there are no other options. On the contrary, we exist to serve the Kingdom of God by providing you with a partnership that relieves you of the background work while you focus on hearing the heart of God for the message that will penetrate the light of the Lord. Dr. GreeneBarr is intensely passionate about faith in Christ Jesus and those who have submitted their heart to God. This level of commitment defines how we embrace and spiritually cover our writing partners. If this is the incubator by which you would desire to birth your words then GreeneHouse Publishing Agency is here to steward your process.

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Impact Calls

We know from experience the process of following Holy Spirit’s guidance and instructions. Writing a book that ascribes glory to God is a faith project that will stretch you in ways you can’t imagine. For this reason, Dr. GreeneBarr provides regular one-on-one impact calls to care for you. These sessions go beyond the technical aspects of writing and you will soon discern the value of these encounters.

Scalable Publishing Plans

We believe in removing barriers based on costs, therefore our publishing plans are designed to service a variety of authors. Payment plans are also available as a means of eliminating barriers. Select the plans that best represent your goals and objectives.

Committed Team of Professionals

It takes a team of talented professionals to produce a quality product. We see ourselves as your enthusiastic partners who will bring our skillset to bear as we produce a winning experience of publishing and promoting your vision.

      1. Publishing

Our priority and focus are uncompromisingly clear, we are charged with a divine mandate to publish the glory of God. This sets the boundaries of our publishing relationship and sets us apart as an exclusive publishing partner for your writing assignment. This also means that we will apply the prayerful review of your submission is necessary when determining the suitability of our publishing partnership.

You and your content must be a good fit for GreeneHouse Publishing and our team must be a good fit for you. 

Our goal for our publishing partnerships is for the author to leave the experience with their book and a fresh anointing for the work the book will address. 

Concerning payment, our plans provide flexibility to equip you with the tools necessary to accomplish the work ahead. We offer select discounts and payment plans for those who qualify. 

Ownership is important, therefore rest assured that you retain ownership of your book and GreeneHouse Publishing Agency does not collect royalties. You will have 100% control over your distribution choices, customers and pricing, and profits.

Have questions? Ready to discuss this burning testimony? Then your next step is to schedule a consultation. Use the button here on the website and let’s get started. 

2. Digital Assets

Whether you choose to create an eBook or print version of your God Story, the book will need assets to get the attention of its audience. GreeneHouse Publishing Agency provides asset packages that are structured to support your budget and launch goals. 

Our team of experienced designers and marketing professionals will create assets such as social media promotional graphics, a landing page or website for your book, a custom email address, a targeted sales funnel, a membership site for our specialized community, a blog, and eCommerce options for digital and drop ship merchandise. 

The internet is a loud and busy space; therefore you will need digital assets and avenues to secure the attention of your audience and to service their needs.

3. Digital Marketing

In 2022, the average business spends between $8,000 and $12,000 on performance marketing every month. Pricing is dynamic and always changing. Whether you are a first-timer looking to start advertising or a seasoned vet, we will work with you on what your goals are, what your budget covers, and how to set the best budget for your campaigns.

The possibilities and varieties for marketing have exploded with current technology. In consultation with you, we are able to develop your marketing strategy and materials that will be crafted for saturated exposure. We see digital marketing as a legacy footprint including social media banners, landing pages, sales funnels, quote cards, ad campaigns, blog posts, and press releases. The venues available today and the ability to pinpoint niche markets are the opportunities of this lifetime. Let’s capture the moment.

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Max 90,000 words

        • Book Cover Design

        • Print & Ebook Formatting

        • Book Interior Layout

        • Manuscript Line & Copy Editing

        • PDF Conversion

        • (1) ISBN

        • Barcode

        • Online Distribution/Amazon

        • Author Book Proof (1)

        • Bi-weekly “Impact Calls”

        • Amazon POD and/or Hard-copy Bulk Printing setup

      • 3D Mockups (6)

      • Social Media Promo Graphics (10)

      • Press Releases (12 free websites)

    • Submission to U.S. Copyright Office

    • Setup Custom Domain*

    • Setup Professional Email Address

    • Building a Landing Page

    • Web Hosting

  • Custom Online Sales Platform

  • Custom Merchandise Store

  • Done For You Products (3C + 6P)

  • Payment Gateway Integration

  • ZERO Transaction fee

  • Setup Blog

Choose Plan

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  • Additional websites

  • Email Templates

  • Setup Bots

  • Setup Membership Sites

  • Create Sales Funnels

  • Provide SEO Services

  • Logo Services

  • Author Spotlight Interview

  • Frequently Asked Questions 

    1. How long does it take to publish a book with GreeneHouse Publishing Agency?

    GreeneHouse Publishing Agency offers several publishing and service packages that range based on word count and launch strategies. The larger the project the more time will be required to execute your masterpiece. For example, the Horizon Package (maximum 25K word count) will require less time for writing compared to the Panorama Package (maximum 90K word count). With this in mind, our timeframe for publication and marketing launch of your book is 3-5 months.

    2. How much does it cost to publish and launch a book with GreeneHouse Publishing Agency?

    The average cost for publishing agencies is between $2,500 and $5,000, based on the length, diagrams, and illustrations included in the book design. Our publishing and marketing package range from $2,500 - $9,997.

    3. Can I buy just one service?

    GreeneHouse Publishing Agency is a full-service publishing company, meaning we do not offer ala carte publishing services. We believe our work to be an act of spiritual steward to the writer and the words they produce. The completion of your book is only one part of our process. The care of your soul is also included. We know from experience that while writing has been compared in many instances to birthing a child, it is often accompanied by many unexpected circumstances around the periphery of the writer’s life. These unanticipated arrivals impact the writer’s soul and therefore we know the value of being present with you for these components as well. 

    However, if you are a person who desires to do the work of self-publishing and need ala carte services we can make a referral to our sister company, GreeneBarr Creatives to meet those needs.

    4. Does GreeneHouse Publishing Agency provide author copies?

    GreeneHouse Publishing Agency offers one (1) “Author Proof” when the author has chosen the option of hardcopy bulk printing. When an author chooses to distribute their book through a print-on-demand service, they can purchase author copies directly from the print-on-demand service.

    5. How much does it cost to print books?

    Printing costs vary greatly and are determined by many factors including but not limited to; the quality of paper, word count, dimensions of the book, and how the book is bound, i.e. paperback, hardcover, or spiral bound. GreeneHouse Publishing Agency partners with USA printers for quality bulk printing.

    6. What are royalties and how are royalties determined?

    Royalties are a percentage of the sale for each book sold. To determine the royalty for your book calculate the retail price minus sales fee, printing, and shipping costs. The remaining balance is your royalty. 

    GreeneHouse Publishing Agency authors retain 100 percent of their royalties. The royalty amount will be based on the author’s plan for printing and distribution.

    7. Does GreeneHouse Publishing Agency determine or control the message in my book?

    GreeneHouse Publishing Agency is an exclusive Christian publishing company. We reserve the right to decline and/or cancel book projects based on content or conduct that violates Kingdom of God principles as canonized in the Bible. Our assignment from the Lord is to ascribe glory to our God, therefore while we do not control the message of the author’s book, we will not publish projects that are anti-God and anti-the Anointed One (anti-Christ) in any form. This point is non-negotiable.

    8. Will I maintain the rights to my book?

    Yes. You will retain all of the rights to your manuscript and book, including all digital and print rights.

    10. Can I review my book before it's published?

    Yes. The method of reviewing your book is solely determined by your printing and distribution decision. An “author proof” copy will be provided in order to authorize bulk printing. When an ebook or print-on-demand decision has been selected a digital copy will be provided by GreeneHouse, and a physical copy of your book will be purchased from the print-on-demand provider.

    11. What is print-on-demand?

    Print-on-demand is the process for books to be printed when purchases have been placed on specific websites such as Amazon. The “demand” for a book via an online shopping cart, results in the book is then printed for fulfillment and shipping.

    12. Will I make the money back that I invest to partner with GreeneHouse Publishing Agency?

    We do not know the answer to this question for several reasons. As a Christian Publishing Agency, we realize that our obedient works of faith can produce a harvest that we may not be able to immediately quantify.

    For example, if God is telling you to publish the book as a seed into the Kingdom, then the harvest may not return in cash flow that equals the amount spent to publish with our company. Another reason we do not know the answer lies in timing. We can’t overlook the fact that investing in book publishing is a faith decision and a business decision. Business owners know that profits are never guaranteed but can be carefully anticipated.  

    What we can tell you is that we take your decision to invest in a partnership with us seriously, and we will commit our resources to fulfill our promises to you as a steward of this work.

    Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

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    The first step in getting the book started is sending us your testimony. The world needs to know that God has been intimately involved in your success.

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